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Two itineraries comparison

The lowest price is not always the best

Sometimes you learn this in a hard way. Did you miss a connecting flight when the previous plane was late? Did you spend a night in the airport? Your departure was 6 AM, so you paid a fortune for the taxi to get to the airport? Did the staff deny you to board the plane as you had no Visa for transit country?

After traveling the world all around, we realized that you could save a lot of time and money when you consider every detail.

Two itineraries comparison

We make your choice obvious

Each flight gets own rating from 1 to 100. We take into consideration more than 50 factors which influence the final satisfaction from the journey.

Price, quality of service, delays prediction, total flight time and everything else matters a lot. FridayTrip won't skip anything to find the best experience for the lowest price.

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Coming soon

Intelligence without hidden fees.

You should be aware of what you buy. FridayTrip shows the final price with all fees included. We display all cancellation, luggage, and other charges before you buy.

We are opening for public soon. If you have questions, write to us.